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Enjoy free car dealer software with free hosted website

Thank you for trying our Free of charge website

You see this message because you don’t have any active vehicles uploaded to our server or you are using 30 day risk free demo, If you are using full version, go to vehicles screen and upload at least 5 vehicles with photos (required), the more you upload the more your website become active.

This is your FREE of charge website instead of paying $50 or up to $99.00 a month.

How works:

1-Free of charge website, developed and managed by our company.

2-You upload your vehicles through our car dealer software. You have option to upload each vehicle after you add new one and after you add photos for it.

3-After you upload your vehicle will be published for free and feed other sites.

4-You will have ability to manage your website with some customizable items, like company logo(image) or color and basic layout. (the more we get feedback the more we improve it);

5-We assume already you have your own domain (, you be able to point and redirect the traffic to the URL we provide later (whenever you are ready “after you upload your active inventory”).
After you point domain name to ours “to this site”, this note will be removed automatically.

6-If you don’t want to redirect your domain, you can link it to any website, social network or social media etc.

Dealer management software available templates to choose from:

We will add more templates in the future and per request.
Please send us your questions and feedback to improve this process.
We thank you for all feedback..

Here are some questions asked so far:

1-What is the difference between this site and the one I’m paying for it with
A: Well, technically not much except you are not paying us a penny. the look may be different than you have now, also .
saves time by managing active vehicles list from our software..

2-Do I need to get rid of my domain name?
A: No, you will need your domain name to redirect the traffic. Yes if you want to use our domain name, just like Facebook or
twitter (you will have special URL id) that allows you to use it to go directly to your website.

3-What about search engine, how that impact my domain name?
A: Our domain already in search engine (SEO) and we are paying for it with 3 major engines, just like what you have now,
in fact much better than yours. Just ask yourself, how many visitors you have on daily bases. How many vehicles you sold
by your website!
Our research tells 80% of average small car dealer don’t get enough traffic to sell vehicle through a website, so why you
are paying $50-$90 a month!

4-What I will do with my current hosting?
A: That is up to you, but if you want to use our FREE web site (means free hosting for you), you have to redirect your
domain through domain management tool (within your domain admin control) to our website, same way you doing it now, in
that case no reason to pay for your old hosting

5-In the future, if I like to host my own website, do I get the web site (everything) as of now with your domain?
A: Just like you are using our software, if you change your mind, you can go with other software, same with website, you can
host whenever and whatever you want on other sites, the website built for everyone, and doesn’t work as a part, means you get nothing, you have
the freedom to change your domain to anywhere you like.

6-Why you are hosting free websites for all dealers using your software, what is the catch?
A: Technically we are not hosing dealers’ website, we are hosting our own website and you are joining us by using custom built
sub website matches your dealership. All your visitors including you, will see your website as of now, but from the backend
the server) complex work done to make it happen.

7-Does this website interface with My Dealership Software?
A: Yes, that was our goal, instead doing double work , we did the hard work for you. You can upload all your active
vehicles to your domain from My Dealership Software, and when the vehicle sold will be marked as sold on the website.

8-My website and domain managed by ??????.com, can you help me to redirect my domain to your website for free ?
A: Yes we can help, but you have to contact that ??????.com to get your domain information, like user name, and password,
also depend on the contact you signed with them, some of them don’t allow you to take your domain unless you stay with

Note: We don’t contact any company, that is your responsibility to communicate with them and get needed information and

9-Wow, that is really looks much better than what I’m getting from ??????.com, looks very neat and clean.
What I need to do to see that site instead this page, how redirect my page.?
A: Thank you, we did our best to make it user friendly and well optimized for all search engines, the more images you have the more site gets slower and impacts search engines, also user gets tired looking to complex look, visitor searches for a vehicles with easy to navigate.
As explained above, first you need to upload at least 5-10 active vehicles with (photos - required) from My Dealership program (vehicle screen), and then you will see your dealership name, phone address populated automatically with your published vehicles. To redirect, we will email you ASAP

10-Can I use your free template without buying your software?
A: Yes, everyone can post vehicle to sell or buy from our listings site, if you are a dealer and you want to use our free template, just contact us. or click here to create account and then post your vehicles

Thank you all for those questions, please keep them coming, we appreciate all feedback, enjoy saving money!

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