Used cars dealer software FAQ

Pre-owned used car lot dealer software pay less with one time only (Less than one car profit), no hidden fees, free technical support

Q: The price seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?
A: There is no catch, because we are family and friends owned business with no overhead expenses like paying for credit report membership, or some other third parties, we think this price is fair enough.

Q: Is your software refundable?
A: NO, usually software are NOT refundable, that is why we offer 30 days risk FREE trial version, please see above question. We have "try it before you buy it" policy

Q: What are the differences between demo and registered versions?
A: Demo version works for 30 days only, also some form prints DEMO ONLY Label

Q: Is Wheels4deals network enabled (I mean to have multi users-computers)?
A: Yes, the program works as Client/Server mode. (you have option to install the server)

Q: Can I change bill of sale & sales contract?
A: Yes, you need to click on setup, then select pre-designed forms.

Q: Can I have my own bill of sale & sales contract with other forms?
A: Yes, just email or send us your forms and we add them for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Q: I don't see my state forms, how I added them?
A: First read our EULA, we can add missing state forms (up 4 forms free) just  send us missing forms and we will add them.

Q: Can I access my inventory from another location or from home.
A: Yes, like any other Client Server application you can access your inventory from anywhere (Required very basic configuration)

Q: Is the remote connection is secure?
A: Yes, we use 512 bit encryptions to exchange the data between the client and server with password protected.

Q: Is your price guaranteed for one time only?
Yes, for sure, just like most software in the market.

Q: Does you softwore works on Mac or Linux OS?

A: No, works on MS windows only

Q: Can you tranfer my data from other website or software"

A: No, there is no way to transfer any data from any software or website, you start from scratch, entering vehicles one by one.

Q: Isn't your software freeware, why I see questions about refund, testing so on ?

A: We offer 2 versions, one paid version has all forms for your state with other functionalities, and other one freeware doesn't have any forms to print.

Q: Is your software a cloud-based system?

A: No, the software installs as a standalone local on any MS Windows PC.

Q: I have been using the software for a long time, but it is now flagged as a virus by MS Defender. Why?

A: We are a licensed, legit IT company located in Brentwood, TN, USA. Sometimes the antivirus software treats a program as infected; our software is free of viruses, any kind of malware, and any harmful action. Because the software has some functionalities like uploading active vehicles's data to your free website, checking for free updates and backups, and downloading free forms, we use encryption to encrypt customers' data (this causes a false positive flag). Those functions suspect the antivirus software. This doesn't mean you can't use the software again. All you need to do is tell the antivirus to trust this software or exclude the program folder.


News: On Jan 5, 2015, Wheels4Deals and 4Dealership announced a merger agreement. The merger of the two cars dealer software formed the best used cars dealer software in the market, the merged company is called "4Dealership”

4Dealership  will continue sale & support current Wheels4Deals version with same affordable price, the website ( soon will be used for buy and sell cars online for free, both programs will have ability to feed this website for FREE.